Using Gems

As a  coordinator for faceting competitions for many years, finding and using Gems has made my life so much easier. This is the reason for writing this for Gems Testimonials.  Check out this link,  Victorian Facetors Group Competitions for more information about our faceting competition that we run each year.

More on Gems Testimonials

Gems allows me to print off all of the reports that I need from every stage in the competition.  This also includes entry receipts, right up to publishing the final results of the competition.  The labels and award cards that Gems creates are very professional. Therefore, the Competitors are also very happy with the way that Gems displays their Competition Entries.

If you are interested in trying out Gems yourself, then you can order Gems here –  Order Gems.  We also have a User Manual here.

Please note: Gems is for Australian Competitions only.


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